La Carolina Lodge San Miguel Costa Rica

Enjoy a riverside wood fired hot tub at gorgeous La Carolina Lodge in San Miguel Costa Rica. Nestled on the eastern slopes of Volcano Tenorio, the home of the famous Rio Celeste Waterfall, in Northwestern Costa Rica, the 170-acre ranch and farm welcomes you.

Enjoy a refreshing swim in our crystal clear river, relax in our one-of-a-kind wood-fired hot tub, sun on the deck, walk through our lush tropical forest, bird watch while sitting in comfort on the veranda, horse ride through our meadows, milk cows, and much more.

La Carolina Lodge hut-tub-river2
Sneak away for a dip at La Carolina Lodge


LaCarolinaLodge wood fired hot tub

LaCarolinaLodge trees

LaCarolinaLodge Path

LaCarolinaLodge frog

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